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NapNews is a fully automated news group file capture program for USENET (NNTP). It's made to run 24/7 unattended

Downloads MP3,JPG,MPG and more! No waiting for connections!
Take a nap while it does all the work!
It's compatible with any Gnutella client, and will help obtain a steady stream of new content to share with others. Supply a list of news groups to download from and it does all the work. Set up is easy. It can handle multi part download reconstruction, mime and uudecoding. You can limit how long it works on a group, make it start and stop automatically, configure for each group differently and more! It's available for download NOW!

Music MP3 files? No problem, alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.???? has what you want! Loads and loads of MP3's. See the sample list HERE included in the distribution, it's just a sample of the "binaries" groups available on one server.

  • Downloads like crazy!
  • Does server authentication if needed
  • Handles multiple news servers and cross posting
  • SPAM prevention
  • Limit time spent in each group
  • Throttle the bandwidth used
  • Exclude files via keywords
  • Works with or without cron
  • Monitor screen for set up
  • More!
"But I don't have a news server on my ISP" (or AOL) See the links at the bottom of this page for a list of outside servers.

Interested? Join the mail list! We welcome suggestions from users and source code snipits if you have them! For now there's just one mail list called "developer", feel free to join up.

Want to learn more about USENET news?

   What is USENET News? via Giganews, hit "back" to come back!
   List of new user FAQ's hit "back" to come back!
   Internet FAQ Archives more FAQ's than you ever wanted

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Versions Available for Download: (click to download)


    View the "README" file

    View the example "commands.txt" file , the main file that controls NapNews

    View the Change Log , see what's new!

    View the source code via CVS, click a "Rev" number to view

    What is USENET News? via Giganews, hit "back" to come back!



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